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So revolutionary shoes, Yasuyuki Yamada assistant by the Central University of the invention. High-heeled shoes is essential influx of goods in the female fashion. However, Yamada assistant believes models are now mostly high heels put more emphasis on female christian louboutin ukĀ  beauty standing and high heels when walking, and less consideration to the comfort when walking, thus far harmonization.

When put on a pair of YaCHAIKA walk, shrapnel perfectly christian louboutin outlet absorbs shock. Although so far has not been commercialized, however, especially women, may be more concerned about the future development of this design.

This is where the sidewalk pedestrians, but some sidewalk but make it difficult scraps. Recently, many people or civilization through the hotline 96110, or into our hotline, "Tucao" Multi-city sidewalk pavement appeared seriously damaged, laying on the sidewalk like a rotten tiles christian louboutin london scattered on the ground of "biscuit slag ", even partially disappeared brick pavement, sidewalks emergence of various" pit ", affect public travel.

Recently, some people call the hotline 96110 reflect civilized christian louboutin heels Chengdu, Cao Lane sidewalk outside the top floor tiles broken, but a larger area, looks distressed.

According to a description of the public, the reporter went outside Cao Lane, in the alley at, you can see 10 meters away on the sidewalk, there are two large areas of broken tiles, most tiles are broken into small pieces and even many places even missing tiles. "Here's tiles seem to have rotten christian louboutin boots six months, car pressure, dislikes, tiles are broken, we did not dare to wear high heels to walk on, fear accidentally sprained foot." Nearby residents Lee told reporters that they would rather go motorized vehicles, but also do not want to go here on the sidewalk.